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Cake Flavors

Cake  Flavors


Layers of vanilla sponge cake, dark chocolate ganache, and lightly whipped raspberry mousse.

A not-too-sweet combination that photographs beautifully and tastes divine. 


Exotic combination of vanilla sponge cake, sweet apricot soufflé, and passionfruit-mango whipped mousse.

Light and delicious island flavors, perfect for Spring and Summer celebrations.

Crunchy Cranberry Cake

Crunchy meringue, tart cranberries, and sweet vanilla buttercream come together for a truly delectable dessert.  

Tripple Chocolate (Grillyage)

Layers of rich chocolate sponge cake, crunchy meringue, fresh chocolate buttercream, and dark chocolate ganache with toasted almond clusters. The ultimate chocolate cake indulgence. 


Classic Opera Cake

Almond sponge cake, dark chocolate ganache, and whipped cappuccino mousse. A traditional French dessert.


Truffle Chocolate Cake

Hazelnut sponge cake, crunchy meringue, whipped chocolate and vanilla mousse.

Sophisticated flavors with a chocolaty twist. 


Strawberry Shortcake*

Traditional vanilla sponge cake, fresh strawberries, and whipped vanilla mousse.


Double Chocolate*

Rich chocolate sponge cake, dark chocolate ganache, and whipped chocolate mousse.


*Available with advanced notice. All mousses are flavored with natural ingredients and are non-dairy.

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Pastry Flavors

Napoleon Bites

Traditional puff pastry dough, real custard cream, dusted with powdered sugar. 

Custard Cream Puffs

Oven baked puffs filled with classic custard cream, topped with chocolate ganache or powdered sugar.

Swan Eclairs

An elegant twist on the traditional eclair, filled with real custard cream and decorated with white chocolate swan heads.


European Mousse Bites (or Tulip Cups)

Homemade whipped mousse chilled and wrapped in white or dark chocolate shell.

Mousse available in passionfruit, mango, raspberry, or chocolate flavors. 

Fruit Tartelettes 

Mini fruit tart pastries filled with real custard cream and topped with seasonal fruit.

Rum Balls

Rum infused chocolate cake balls, chilled to perfection and rolled in sponge cake crumbs. Also available, rum ball "pears" with a maraschino cherry inside and coated in dark chocolate ganache. (All rum balls contain nuts).


Pastry Flavors

Fresh Baked Goodies

Gata Cookies

Gata is a traditional Armenian pastry made with flour, butter and sugar. It is sweet and dense and comes in perfect bite size pieces. Sold by the pound in a clear clam shell box.

Poppyseed Perog

A traditional Eastern European treat made with sweet bread and rolled with plenty of poppyseed filling. ​

Raisin Cake

Sweet and dense raisin cake loaf, a perfect companion to tea and coffee.


Vatrushka Russian Danish (Cheese or Cheery)

Vatrushkas are traditional Russian danishes made with sweet dough and farmer's cheese or cherry filling. 

Sweet Cream Cheese Roll

Flaky puff pastry rolled with sweet cream cheese and raisin filling and baked to golden brown perfection. 

Baked Goodies
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