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About Pierre's Cakes


Pierre’s Cakes is a boutique bakery specializing in European desserts, and stylish custom cakes and pastries. 


We combine classic European recipes with modern design, to create sweet edible art. 

From baby showers, mitzvahs, and birthdays, to engagement, wedding, and even divorce — our cake designs are the centerpiece at every dessert table. 


We use high quality, natural ingredients to make custom cakes that are stylish AND incredibly tasty! 

Beyond designer cakes, we offer a selection of fresh baked desserts including Armenian Gata cookies, traditional Eastern European poppyseed strudel, poppyseed perog, raisin cake, Russian cheese and cherry danishes, and sweet cream cheese rolls. 

Pierre's Cakes is family owned and operated since 1971. We began as a small French cafe in the rolling hills of Pacific Palisades, and over the years have grown to a bonafide wholesale bakery operation.


Today, our products can now be found at JONS International Marketplace, SuperKing Markets, as well as a number of Russian and Armenian ethnic food stores.


We serve many different communities in the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and San Diego areas. 

If you're a distributor or retailer who would like to work with us, please see our wholesale opportunities page, or us at

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